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Analytics in Healthcare: Impact & Scope Posted by on Wed, January 8th, 2014

Currently as the healthcare market is growing, it has become clear that organizations which are capable of leveraging the power of analytics are demonstrating a clear advantage in market share over their competitors. Big Data analysis in healthcare has in fact, now become the driving force for creating opportunities in developing optimal treatment pathways, improving the medical loss ratio and better managing clinical decision support systems.Analytics in Healthcare

With soaring healthcare costs especially in the USA as well as growing regulatory pressures for both affordability and improvements in clinical outcomes – Analytics has emerged as a silver lining for this industry. Analytics in healthcare has proven to generate insights that not only lower total costs, reduce inefficiencies, and identify high risk population but also can predict a patient’s future healthcare needs.

Therefore with analytics today, decision support systems are now being subjected to various statistical and artificial intelligence techniques. This is further resulting in development of meaningful insights such as identification of various patient risk factors, grouping of patients based on varied health conditions, provision of actionable information to physicians at the points of care and most importantly, measurable progress on healthcare outcomes.

The introduction of analytics in healthcare therefore, has helped in overcoming umpteen challenges creating true, real value for this sector. Some of these everyday challenges include:

  • Diverse data sources that make it difficult to create a single source for the truth.
  • Information not being available in a timely manner, so decisions are not data driven.
  • Lack of a clear vision on how the organization can benefit from analytics.
  • Too many manual systems deployed, resulting in insufficient electronic data.
  • The culture not being ready to become a data-driven organization.

However to overcome all of the above challenges, it is imperative that healthcare organizations create an environment conducive to nurturing and incorporating analytics. They must in fact create a ‘knowledge & analytics driven culture’ that pervades their entire organization. Also, all clinical information stored in their standard data formats such as EHRs must be captured and transformed into data on which analytics can be applied, so as to successfully derive actionable intelligence from it.

To conclude therefore, it can be said that analytics today is most definitely a crucial trend in healthcare that will significantly reshape its landscape in the coming years. Furthermore, analytics is also what is now driving a shift in this industry towards solutions that are capable of delivering real value such as:

  • Improving clinical quality of care.
  • Improving patient safety and reducing medical errors.
  • Improving wellness, prevention and disease management.
  • Optimizing supply chains and human capital management.
  • Improving risk management and regulatory compliance.

In fact, it is analytics alone today that can deliver on the above results most efficiently to ensure that those who need care the most – receive it. To know more and gain better insights on how to improve patient care and achieve operational excellence in healthcare, Register for our Webinar and understand how UCSF Medical Center uses QlikView Analytics Solutions to empower their decision-makers and maximize the value from their data.

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Capture Accurate, On-site Proof of Deliveries with KloudData’s mPoID App Posted by on Thu, October 3rd, 2013

blog-imgSAP Mobile Partner App Challenge, this year, has an industry flavor and requires partners to develop mobile apps that address specific problems faced by Retailers, Wholesale Distributors or Transport and Logistics Providers. The SAP App Challenge is a fantastic opportunity for SAP Mobile Partners to showcase their mobility competency and bring forth mobile solutions that solve diverse business problems.

KloudData won the App Challege in 2012 with mMR (or mobile MedRecords) app and the team was looking forward to participate again this year. The mPoID or mobile Proof of Issue & Delivery was conceptualized with a focus on the Transport & Logistics industry. Especially for providers that deal with complex and bulk deliveries of liquids, chemicals or other materials requiring quality or calibration data to be captured at the point of delivery. Our solution integrates with the SAP Sales & Distribution (S&D) module, and empowers the Transport & Logistics work area of an enterprise. This KloudData app features extraordinary UI designs and gives highly useful enterprise data access to transporters and drivers. The app is especially useful for delivery personnel who are transporting any kinds of volatile materials that are Temperature & Pressure sensitive, and are likely to experience transit losses, or perishable or likely to face pilferage, as the app allows them to get the Proof of Delivery on their hand held devices with a single click.

Delivery and Transport companies operating in various industry domains usually incur losses due to failed deliveries or materials lost during the transportation of sensitive equipment. Improper documentation results in ambiguity that makes it difficult to determine the actual losses in the materials as well as in time. This is especially true during the transportation of materials like oil and gas where variations in the quantity of the goods also depends upon external factors such as Temperature, Pressure etc. Additionally, loading exact quantities as per delivery document is a challenge in many cases such as bulk materials – liquid or solid.

Managing a mobile work force in the field, as well as complying with industry standards is a big enough challenge, that becomes more difficult by unforeseen circumstances encountered by large fleets transporting bulks of volatile materials such as oil. These challenges can however be dealt with, by putting an effective and robust Proof of Issue & Delivery (PoID) system in place.

Although mobile technology has come in quite handy in the past decade for better communications during transit, the current advent of smart phones and other devices is changing this scenario radically. The smart phones and tablets are now able to connect the field force with enterprise systems through the internet. The work force (technicians or executives) therefore, can now directly interact with the enterprise systems through a dedicated app interface.

mobile Proof of Issue & Delivery or mPoID is KloudData’s mobile app, purpose-built for organizations that need proof of deliveries in transportation, distribution, shipping and logistics. This app is thus very useful for tasks that require capturing of special calibration data like order-specific quantities, size and weight, or density, temperature and volume of picked-up items against actually delivered items. With this simple to use app, you can equip your transporters with an easy option to record all required delivery information on their hand held devices, and also capture customer signatures as final proofs of deliveries.

mPoID allows enterprises to do away with paper-based processes and significantly reduces their delivery errors. The mPoID app brings greater transparency and controls into your delivery and logistics operations. mPoID is intuitive and easy to use, and seamlessly integrates with SAP ERP’s S&D module, ensuring rapid ROI for an enterprise.

The Key Features of the mPoID App are:

  • Accurate & faster deliveries with requisite proofs.
  • Electronic proof of deliveries, integrated with backend ERP.
  • Source-to-destination route maps on hand held devices.
  • Onsite, on-device signature captures for immediate delivery confirmations.
  • Real-time delivery status, with detailed quality & quantity information.
  • Improved accuracy, faster billing & reduced disputes.
  • Higher customer service & satisfaction levels.
  • Improved supply chain process efficiency from dispatch to billing.
  • Operational efficiency with decreased administrative time in paper handling.
  • Ability to incorporate built-in material specific calculations into the app

The SAP App Challenge brings out the best in our team and helps us improve the quality of our solutions. Our apps are easy to use with a complete set of functionality to seamlessly mobilize an entire process. Our mission is to facilitate and contribute to our client’s businesses instead of merely developing another mobile app. We deliver apps as per your industry specifications and needs.

Leverage KloudData’s mobile development competency and get an ‘End-to-End’ solution to connect your mobile devices with SAP or non-SAP systems. KloudData is proud to deliver yet another end-to-end solution in mPoID, and not just one more mobile app.

For more information on KloudData’s mPoID, Click Here to view brochure

Click Here for Download

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Three Strategies for Adopting High Value Business Mobility Posted by on Fri, August 23rd, 2013

Strategies-for-Adopting-High-Value-Business-MobilityTechnology has radically changed the way businesses function. However, this upsurge of mobile technologies and the internet have had the most profound impact on all businesses. It is no accident that many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are waking up to the competitive advantage offered by mobility. Adaption of enterprise mobility has risen by almost 37% in the last three years, and the pace won’t be slowing down anytime soon. Enterprises across varied industrial sectors can now leverage the unwired freedom offered by mobile technologies and smart phones in practically all dimensions of businesses.

There are today, numerous industry and task specific mobile applications for enterprises across sectors. Be it logistics, supply chain management, financials to sales, all can benefit from mobile technologies. Enterprises as a whole can also gain a massive competitive advantage by the integrated use of mobile apps for all the aforementioned business processes. Quick access to relevant business information and faster response time results further in more efficient and streamlined operations.

However, SMB’s need to consider the following fthreefactors to effectively counter the challenges posed by enterprise wide mobility adaptations:

  • Security Management: Many companies limit the use of mobile devices in the wake of security concerns. Although security risks is an important factor, but enterprises would lose out to their competition if mobility is restricted. In order to counter this, business leaders need to formulate security policies for effective mobility practices across their enterprise. This would typically incorporate device usage, data handling and reporting. In order for strict compliance of these security practices, the companies need to make use of technologies. Mobile device management solutions are one such effective way to enforce security practices and standardize its use across the enterprise. This can also take care of remote wiping of sensitive enterprise data in cases of lost or stolen devices.
  • Cost Controlling: Cost of mobility is another area that concerns a lot of enterprise leaders. Adapting mobility may require upfront costs of tablets and smart phones along with the price for data usage. Bills especially become a concern due to executives and field service people travelling onsite, sometimes even internationally. Enterprises can adapt several strategies to control costs. Some of these include encouraging the BYOD culture. This restricthe upfront device costs. Configuring alerts in data intensive applications that warn about the expiry of data usage limits are also helpful in managing and controlling excessive data use by employees.
  • Application Integration and Device Management:
    There are numerous applications for a specific purposes and processes. These apps need to work in synchronizations so as to provide better outcomes. For example a sales personnel checking stocks from an inventory app, while taking a customer order. In this case, the inventory app shows the real-time stocks details, which in turn would need to be updated from supply chain and warehouse applications. This back-end data sharing through various company data bases can be taken care by using a platform based mobility strategy (like SAP Mobile Platform). This would also solve the problem of supporting different mobile devices.

In conclusion therefore, if enterprises today acclimatize all the above listed strategies, the challenges of mobility adaptation would certainly be reduced. It would also bring in a lot of scalability to enterprise mobility practices. Check out our SAP Ebook to know more on these strategies in depth. Find out how enterprises can avoid any pitfalls and derive greater business values from adapting enterprise mobility.

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How SMEs can Reduce the TCO While Maximizing ROI with SAP Business All-in-One Posted by on Mon, August 5th, 2013

Leaders of mid-size and small enterprises face a unique challenge of cost escalations against outgrown business management software. The old systems however, cannot keep up with their pace of growth hence resulting in lack of control over certain critical business functions as well as lack of visibility over company-wide operations.SAP Business All-in-One Solution

According to Forrester’s report, over 80% of SMEs believe that application software improves their efficiency and productivity. Improving the functioning of their core business processes usually yields quick, positive results, which relate back directly to the bottom line.

In a SMBGroup’s Whitepaper: ERP for Growing SMEs, the statistics indicate clear benefits that small and mid-size businesses can gain from implementing ERP software. These include enterprise wide visibility and smooth operations as well as implementation of standard business processes that incorporate the best practices of that industry.

But without the right management software in place, opportunities right in front of you can also be easily overlooked or missed. Therefore, business leaders of SMEs are becoming concerned for not being able to capitalize on their current opportunities due to lack of updated IT landscape. Shifting to completely new business management software means huge infrastructural investments as well as losses due to time delays for new deployment and data migration processes. This obviously adds to the cost of operations resulting in a lower ROI.

Choosing the right technology software or business solution is a dismaying task for many SMEs who have to balance out the current costs against immediate and future benefits. SME executives generally carry a notion that an ERP system is only for large companies and too pricey for companies their size. Inevitably, the decision is overshadowed by the desire to save on expenditure in the short-term, resulting in a solution that fails to serve the company’s best interests in the long run.

Uncovering Opportunities with SAP A1

SAP Business All-in-One solution is the best example of a software package that addresses the challenge of enormous investment on infrastructure. It helps companies bridge the gap between strategy and execution by including all the core processes required to run a successful business. So, unlike smaller, point solutions that typically focus on a particular area of an SME’s operation, this system is designed to provide complete business management functions, covering financials, sales, customers, inventory, operations and more.

The software can be installed extremely quickly and is easy to maintain. It captures all the companies’ information in a single system, making the information instantly accessible across the organisation and eliminating duplicate data entry, cost and related errors. The solution is template-based, making use of global, industry-specific best practices and can be customised as per requirement.

SAP Business All-in-One is a configurable solution that integrates most important business functions, helping SMEs effectively manage their financials, accounting, human resources, operations, corporate services, and other critical operations. For companies who focus on operational excellence, business agility and customer intimacy, this solution provides the in-depth processes for efficiently managing all aspects of their business.

Maximize ROI and Reduce TCO with SAP Solution

One of the biggest advantages of SAP Business All-in-One is that it includes pre-configured software with optional hardware and a fixed implementation scope and cost. Deploying this solution is affordable and predictable, with minimal business loss and fast time to value. The SMEs can be up and running with SAP All-in-One in as little as 16 weeks.

You also get the option to plug on CRM functionality to easily manage a quote into an opportunity and a sales order. And of course the sales order links right back to the ERP system to give you end-to-end visibility on sales, fully integrated with billing, pricing and distribution.
SAP Business All-in-One solutions come bundled with detailed documentation, sample data, and the forms and reports needed to get a small and mid-size company quickly up and running on this software. KloudData as a premium SAP partner also offers a variety of options for implementation to fit the way you run your business.

In order to find out more about SAP Business All-in-One, KloudData brings you an Interactive Tour from SAP. Register for free and take this Interactive Tour about the SAP Business All-in-One solution and find out how it simplifies operations and can help you achieve quick return on investment.

Register for free to take the SAP Business All-in-One iTour

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Building a foundation for real–time growth with Suite on HANA Posted by on Wed, June 19th, 2013

The introduction of Business Suite on HANA has offered dramatic changes to how businesses are being conducted today, worldwide. This Suite’s integration with HANA has enabled a game changing, real-time platform for it, along with as much as 3,600x faster reporting, searching and analytical capabilities. HANA’s powerful features include significant processing speeds and the ability to handle Big Data with enhanced data collection capabilities that gives analytics and predictive analytics abilities to all its users. This Suite has thus, ushered in a new era today in data mining, analysis and user behavior research impacting business decisions and several aspects of businesses on various levels. It has further given rise to new trends and possibilities in the sphere of Business Intelligence as well, with its ability to extract accurate intelligence that can be converted into actionable knowledge points resulting in faster and better decision making within enterprises.Suite On hana

Though Suite on HANA can be implemented across all core areas of any enterprise, its Integrated Financial Solution especially has a crucial significance for financial companies with its unique ability to deal with both transactional and analytical data. Minutes can be too late in cases of tracking international financial transactions and it is for this reason that Suite on HANA has been lauded for its ability to be able to achieve the diverse goals of the office of finance of any company. In the current times, with ever mounting pressures on financial executives to be more strategic in their roles by delivering greater values and reducing the costs for an enterprise, the Suite on HANA for Financial Management Solution enables these executives to be able to realistically act upon and achieve each of these required pre-set goals.

Specifically, the implementation of Business Suite’s Financial Management Solution on SAP HANA enables the following benefits for any enterprise:

  • Brings in a strong cash flow & liquidity
  • Enables effective budgeting & planning
  • Analyzes data quickly & easily
  • Maximizes & optimizes profitability
  • Enables compliant & accurate financial reporting
  • Reduces costs of financial & overall operations

To summarize, suffice it is to say that SAP Suite’s Financial Management Solution on HANA provides all the required functionalities an enterprise may need and helps it in outperforming the financial expectations from it. It is the most comprehensive solution available in the markets today and to get to know more about this, I suggest that you check out the Recording of a Live Webinar conducted by KloudData on SAP Suite on HANA for Financial Management. In this recording, an SAP expert will walk you through the benefits of SAP HANA and explain how some of the best companies in the world today are using Suite on HANA to gain a competitive advantage over other companies and foray ahead of them. Also, be privileged to hear the President of KloudData himself, as he shares his views on the current challenges being faced by executives in the financial sector and how SAP’s Suite on HANA addresses and helps overcome each of these challenges.


Suite on HANA Webinar Recording

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Making Your Money Work: Five Real Quick Ways to Improve Profitability With KloudData and SAP HANA Posted by on Mon, May 27th, 2013

Leaders in the business world never “settle.” There’s a reason they’re always on the go. Stagnation, at its core, is an uncomfortable position to put one self in. They never toss their products on the shelves (physically or digitally speaking) and then sit back and “see what happens.” No. This is not the case. In both success and failure, business executives all ask the same questions when it comes down to how their products are performing. How? When? Where? Why? If you’re not asking yourself these questions, you’re losing. Or at the very least, you’re missing out on powerful data analytics to help you propel your organization to the next level.

With these analytics you arm yourself with the immense ability to sell and market your business substantially more effectively. Do you need help trying to visualize and maintain this information? KloudData and SAP have a solution for you that makes these initiatives painless and, well, fun. Let’s face it; profit is the name of the game. Chances are pretty good that when you’re driving more profit, you’re having more fun. What are you doing to give your bottom line a lift?

Discover how the KloudData and SAP CO-PA Accelerator, powered by SAP HANA, empowers your organization with easy access to data to make timely and critical business decisions.

Business Challenges:

  • Maximize profitability of products, customers, and services
  • Equip executives to make sound, timely decisions about products, sales, and pricing
  • Speed up financial closing and improve report quality, depth, and self-service analytics
  • Ease the burden of and dependency on IT
  • Gain competitive advantage

Solutions Provided by KloudData and SAP HANA:

  • Perform real-time profitability reporting on large data volumes
  • Conduct instant, on-the-fly analysis of profitability data at any level of granularity, aggregation, and dimension
  • Run cost allocations at significantly faster processing times
  • Empower business users with easy self-service access to profitability information

Improve your profitability and make business decisions to allocate the proper funding and assure your organization’s long-term success upon implementation of this robust financial tracking tool. Sure, you can continue to take shots in the dark if that’s your business model. But why not have an educated shot at improving your longevity potential? Especially when it’s this easy! Identify “value drains,” while maintaining hot spots. That balance keeps any organization’s future looking pretty bright.

Need more info? Have a look at our HANA Tip Sheet: “Five Real Quick Ways to Improve Profitability.” Gather, analyze, and act on the right customer profitability data.

Click Here for Download

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Customized Mobile App Solutions Delivered: Say Hello to KloudData’s Mobile App La Carte Posted by on Wed, May 22nd, 2013

mobile_la_carteThe Kitchen’s Open, and We’re Taking Orders – Customized Mobile App Solutions Delivered: Say Hello to KloudData’s Mobile App La Carte

If you are one who is never happy opting for a buffet and always looking for places that serve that special meal that fits your palette, perfectly, you will luv what we have on menu. We bring you the fine-tuned recipes we’ve been crafting. It’s no secret at this point that we’ve been continuously keeping the conversation flowing in regards to mobile enterprise apps and what these solutions mean to the holistic betterment of your organization. We’re passionate about the subject. We’ve been creating a buzz with our partners at SAP about the freedom and productivity increase that comes with allowing your employees to access their work wherever they are, at any time of the day.

Increased mobility giving way to increased productivity equals a boost in the bottom line. The math is simple. The sentiment is simple. And now, the development and implementation of the unique mobile solution that you need to get your organization on the fast track to mobility success is – you guessed it – simple too.

For a limited time we’re offering our Mobile App La Carte package – a Custom Mobile Enterprise Solution Fit for your utmost demanding business need. The Mobile App La Carte solution is a pilot starter pack that is custom-built using SAP’s revolutionary and robust mobile platform.

Here’s what we’re delivering:

  • Low-cost pilot for your enterprise with a real proof point – think of this opportunity as a real-life, working case study
  • Experience the value and decide if mobile applications are right for you
  • No investment in skill-set, zero infrastructure lock-in – you’re free to test and critique mobility as part of your own operative work flow
  • Ideate with our experts to facilitate and create the Best Fit Solution for your organization – this is 100% custom 100% guaranteed

Leverage KloudData  award-winning SAP mobile application competency and see for yourself what mobile computing can do for you and your company. Most claim that they can get you from point A to point B after you’ve signed on the dotted line and paid your deposit. Most give you a canned solution that doesn’t fit your exact needs at the outset. This is our way of proving to you that we’re working for you, and developing our cutting-edge mobile application technologies with one thing in mind: Streamlined operations, which in-turn equal your success. Yes, it’s that simple. Yes, you’re going to be nodding in approval once you get a taste of what mobile app solutions can do for you.

The kitchen’s open. Allow us to take your order, then sit back and enjoy the service. We’re going to dish Your Mobile App Solution straight up – perfectly cooked, every time.

For more information on KloudData’s Mobile App La Carte

Click here to view the menu

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Snippets of Lunch and Learn with SAP Sybase IQ 16 event Posted by on Thu, May 16th, 2013

225678_525486087497065_111671197_nKloudData and SAP recently conducted a Lunch and Learn Event at the New York office of Sybase, an SAP company. The event was well attended by technology decision makers primarily from banking and financial services sector. The focal point of discussion was the launch of SAP Sybase IQ16 and how it helps financial services in handling very large databases and run real-time analytics in a faster, more efficient way. SAP experts discussed the power of SAP Sybase IQ to deliver data-driven insights in record time, with short presentations on:

  • The speed and power of SAP Sybase IQ
  • The real-time data platform: a road map to SAP HANA adoption
  • SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA and SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (SAP Sybase ASE)

A short Q&A round between Miten Mehta, COO, KloudData and Sid Sipes, Director, Data Warehouse Solutions & HANA Platform, SAP, served as an interesting appetizer to the luncheon.

Here we recap the highlights from this Q&A

Miten- Tell us in short what exactly Sybase IQ 16 is?

Sid- SAP Sybase IQ is the #1 column database in the market today. And with the release of IQ 16 it’s faster and more efficient for extreme-scale EDWs and Big Data analytics. SAP Sybase IQ 16 delivers major innovations in the areas of performance optimization, data compression and data protection. IQ makes it simpler and more cost-effective to exploit the value of massive amounts of data at the speed of business, helping to transform companies through new insights that were previously impossible or impractical.

Miten- So how can SAP Sybase IQ 16 assist enterprises in the current scenario of Big Data?

Sid - A good question Miten, we are all aware that necessity is the mother of invention. Currently many enterprises are dealing with the challenge posed by the onslaught of big data. The volume of data that needs to be processed has now reached from terabytes to Petabytes. And, SAP understands that in order to go from terabytes to petabytes you need to be able to load massive amounts of data fast – big volumes equal the need for fast velocity – otherwise your systems would be brought to a standstill. Yet, many traditional BI tools and EDWs usually depend on weekly or nightly batch-oriented approaches to upload massive quantities of new data, providing limited value to time-sensitive business processes. Not so with SAP Sybase IQ 16, now companies have immediate access to the new data as soon as it is received by IQ — making Big Data available to applications and people for immediate action. And all this is delivered at a considerably low price.

Miten- How can IQ keep its’ costs low?

Sid- IQ offersthe ability to store and query more data, more affordably. The biggest SAP Sybase IQ customers are in the petabyte range, with many in the dozens to hundreds of terabyte range. Often they are spending a lot of time administering their current database; or using more hardware than is required. IQ is well known for its ability to compress data, often up to 70%. That in turn reduces storage costs. And SAP Sybase IQ is easy to learn and use, which reduces personnel overhead.

Miten- This is indeed great, but can you explain to us a bit more how Sybase IQ delivers the speed in Big Data?

Sid- Sure, a key to improving decision making in a rapidly changing environment is the ability to enable analytics on real-time information, and that is why in IQ 16, SAP introduced IQ’s new in-memory, read/write-optimized row-level versioning store that provides fast, concurrent ingestion of data from multiple sources – providing low latency for immediate updates.

Miten- Sid, could you give us an example – why is speed so critical in Big Data Analytics?

Sid- Sure Miten, let’s take a financial institution – but I need to emphasize that not just speed is imperative for integrating “Big Data” into daily decision-making, availability and security are top priorities as well – no other industry stands to gain more from big data than financial services – the industry thrives on data: transactions, rate changes, customer interactions, risk assessment, portfolio investments and more. A delay of two minutes could be detrimental in catching an ongoing fraudulent transaction, meeting regulatory requirements or losing millions of dollars.

Big data simply allows financial institutions to run their business better, and SAP Sybase IQ 16 can help it run more efficiently and faster.

This informative Q&A round set the stage for more detailed presentations that followed through the lunch hour. If you missed it, you can still get access to the special offers KloudData presented at this session.

Download KloudData Special Offers on Sybase IQ 16, Suite on HANA and SAP BI Analytics Edition

Of course, we will also be happy to host you for lunch at our offices in Fremont, CA if you would like to discuss this further.

Also check out the MMR Predictive Analytics app being unveiled at SAPPHIRE NOW 2013

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Safeguard the 3 P’s for Organizational Success: Product, Planet and Profit Posted by on Fri, May 3rd, 2013

SAP-EHSIt’s no secret that business is predominantly driven by one thing – Profit. Without it, it’s hard to stay afloat and, well, remain in business (literally). The variable that separates you from your competition is in the product you’re offering. Great products have a much better chance of being noticed, and backed if they are just that, great. Focus on offering the best product you can produce, invest in strong marketing and management, and drive the bottom line northward.

The final piece of the puzzle is steeped in the green initiative that all conscious customers are checking into in today’s industry landscape. How is your product affecting the planet on which we reside? Are you thinking about the environment? You should be for two reasons. The first? People care and are – more than ever – getting behind companies that keep the environment and its protection as a focal point in their core operative strategy. It matters. The second? Quite literally stems from the first. Without a planet we have no more business to conduct. Without a planet, we have nothing. It’s that simple.

A great product hence also needs to be environmentally friendly and compliant with the numerous global regulations governing material safety. KloudData is helping companies organize and automate their dangerous goods management initiative and compliance with the vital and robust SAP EHS software solution. Here’s a brief overview of what this solution package can do for you. We can customize any of the following bulleted items to fit seamlessly into your operative mission.

KloudData’s EHS Service Offerings:

Advisory Services:

  • Enterprise Energy & Carbon Strategy
  • Enterprise Carbon Accounting
  • Product/Service Life Cycle Assessment
  • Solution Consulting
  • Environment, Health & Safety Management, and Compliance

Implementation Services: 

  • Functional Implementation
  • Back-end System Integration and Data Migration
  • Customization and Configuration of the Solution Modules
  • Business and Information Analytics of Sustainability Data

Support and Value Added Services:

  • Application Support & Maintenance
  • End Customer Training – Solution Protocols and Regulations
  • Data Audit, Validation & Verification

Safeguard your product. Safeguard the planet. In turn, you’ll safeguard your profit. Sustainability while remaining a streamlined and compliant entity are imperative items on your everyday agenda. KloudData can help you enable best business practices, manage internal applications, assure regular compliance, assess risk management, and aide in overall seamless dangerous goods management with SAP’s EHS software solution.

Have questions? Fire away. We’d love to hear from you, and we’d love to help you make your business profitable and safer.

To learn how SAP and KloudData can help you safeguard your product, planet, and profit, we invite you to have a look at a recording of our webinar pertaining to this very subject that we just hosted and recorded.


Click Here for Webinar Recording

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Bring Lightening Speed across Core Business Areas with Business Suite now on HANA Posted by on Fri, April 26th, 2013

Business Suite now on HANA

LnL_SoH BlogEnterprises are currently going full-throttle when it comes to implementing apps to handle real-time data turnarounds. SAP Business Suite on HANA gives enteprises an incredible opportunity to reinvent and rethink their entire business models.

KloudData, now offers specialized consulting services to help you implement this latest generation of business apps from SAP that analyzes transactional data in real-time on a single in-memory platform. The Business Suite is targeted at innovative business scenarios ranging from deciphering social media to financial closes as well as managing orders and receivables. With the power of SAP HANA, this suite of solutions is able to understand and translate real-time insights on-the-go, giving your business a real edge.

The introduction of Business Suite on HANA reflects what is seen as the future of the enterprise: ‘A network of networks and real-time business’ – a great refelection of how business is conducted today, worldwide. Business Suite’s integration with HANA therefore has enabled a game changing, real-time platform for SAP’s proven suite of solutions along with as much as 3,600x faster reporting and searching capabilities. HANA’s powerful features include significant processing speeds, abilities to handle Big Data along with enhanced data collecting capabilities that give predictive analytics abilities to all its users.

Speed is the only difference between a 5-days drug recall and a 5-minutes drug recall. The impact however is undoubtedly huge.

Right time data analysis for in-context computing is turning out to be a massive benefit as accurate, real-time, collected data is translated into actual quick actionable insights.

Register Now !

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